SOS - Review by Bob Janes

Jane's picture appears on the back cover together with the following "People often ask me how I seem to have so much energy and how I manage to look pretty good for 49. (How bad is one supposed to look?!) I began to wonder myself and started delving into it. This book is the result." You'll need to find Jane or at least a copy of her book to check out how well the strategies work. All I know is that she looks a lot better than I did at 49.

The book is an eclectic collection of strategies for relaxation and good-living. If you only take up one or two then you are likely to see a big drop in your levels of stress. If you follow all seven - then who knows what may happen.

The chapter titles form the acronym SUCCESS and give you a flavour of the contents: Stretch; Unwind and unbend; Cut the criticism; Counter conflicts; Eat for extra energy; Stimulate you system; Smile … and laugh … and accentuate the positive.

Lots of practical good advice, lots of illustrations, lots of personal stories. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Bob Janes

This review first appeared in Rapport the journal of ANLP, the UK Association for NLP.

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