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We run NLP training courses for anyone who is interested. Usually during the year we will run at least one public 4-day Diploma and one 12-day Practitioner. (To take the Practitioner you need to have completed the Diploma course with us or with another NLP trainer.) We may also run several other courses for particular groups or organizations -- sometimes it's possible for other people to join these groups. Jane's Calendar will give you an idea of what is currently planned.

NLP or "neuro-linguistic programming" is one of the most powerful and frequently used personal development tools available. There are lots of introductory books -- look under self-help in your local bookstore -- though you can't learn NLP, or get the full benefit by reading a book -- or even dozens of books. To do that, you need to do a training course where you will see the techniques demonstrated and have an opportunity to use them for yourself. In that respect it's a bit like driving a car. It sounds really easy until you get in the car and you are confronted with all those wheels, switches and dials. Jane's short introduction to NLP is called "NLP in a Nutshell".

Jane is an INLPTA certified NLP trainer and people who successfully complete the courses will be given internationally recognised INLPTA NLP certificates. (It's rare for a participant not to complete the course successfully, a few don't, a few more are asked to carry out some further tasks to demonstrate their learning.) This certificate will usually be recognised by National NLP Associations, by NLP Training organisations -- should you want to go on and take a Master Practitioner later -- and by many employers (though we can't guarantee this).

We have people of all ages and backgrounds on our courses -- ages from 15 to 80 so far. A lot of our participants are English Language teachers from all round the world but we also have lots of trainers, consultants, coaches, lecturers, and 'ordinary people' who want to learn more about NLP; and about themselves.

In 2011 we're running an NLP Diploma and part 1 of a Practitioner in Alphaville, Brazil in March and an NLP Diploma and Practitioner at our house in NW Brittany, France in July/August. You can find more details of the Diploma here and the Practitioner here. There's also a booking form here. It's possible to fly to Brest very cheaply if you book far enough ahead and local accommodation is not expensive.

If you have any particular questions that we haven't answered please do get in touch -- you'll find our contact details here.

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