In-house workshops

Workshops designed for your people with your needs in mind

We offer in-house workshops to organisations that want to bring a group of people together to develop their skills and capabilities. Our workshops add value, are great fun and create the space for transformation.

Usually we'll custom design your workshop. You will bring your specific needs and we will bring our knowledge and experience of people and learning. Together we create a powerful experience for the participants.

Here are some of the broad themes that we've worked on for our existing clients.


We generally suggest that NLP training is better done on our public NLP Diploma and NLP Practitioner courses where the diversity of the participants provides an important element of the learning. If this isn't possible or practical and you have a group of at least six participants then we will run in-house NLP courses from a ½ day introduction to a full 16 day INLPTA certified NLP Practitioner.

Success Over Stress

Our aim is to give participants both insights into the causes of stress in themselves and the people around them and for them to take away practical skills that will allow them to reduce the effects on themselves and others and to reduce the level of stress in their workplace. These highly effective workshops are based around Jane Revell's book 'Success Over Stress'

Accelerated Learning

Aimed at anyone who needs to impart information or skills effectively this workshop gives you access to current developments in the fields of communication and education.


Increasingly we find teams and people in organisations who want to 'Break Out of the Box'. Here you provide the content and we provide the process to let you do this. Using techniques from education, theatre and NLP we guarantee you will see the world in a different way.


Clearly the costs of your workshop will vary depending on the content, the number of participants and the time required. To help you estimate you should expect to invest between £100 and £240 a participant day plus expenses for a group of from 6 to 24 participants.

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