Personal support for your development

There are times in all our lives when we need that bit of extra help or support to go the extra mile, to achieve those things we know we can do yet seem just out of our reach. Athletes use coaches to get great results: so can you.

There are many forms of coaching and you will need to be sure that what you are getting fully supports you and works for you. This doesn't mean that you will always be comfortable and that achievement becomes a gentle cruise. An effective coach will agree with you where you want to go - a place that is currently beyond your reach - and respectfully support, lead and provoke you into moving beyond your limits.

People work with coaches for many reasons. Here are a few that we often encounter. If they don't meet your needs then call and talk to us.

Professional coaching

People in jobs, often very successfully and who want to go the extra mile, achieve more, gain new capabilities, approach their work with new ideas. These people seek coaching to keep them on their toes and stretch them further. These people are most often among the most senior, experienced or capable people in the organisation who see their limits and seek to overcome them.

Career coaching

People who are reaching some kind of a nexus in their career. They often look for focussed coaching to help them through a career transition, maybe to apply for a new job, to prepare for a promotion, or to look at new career alternatives.

Performance coaching

People who need to work on some aspect of their work. Maybe an identified 'weakness' a missing capability, maybe a special report or presentation. Coaching in this way can be short and intense focussed on this single goal.

Life coaching

Increasingly we find clients who recognise that coaching support is not useful just in their working life but in their life as a whole. Sometimes because the pressures are too intense sometimes because the boundaries are becoming indistinct, often just because it really helps them gain clarity in achieving what they want for themselves, their work and their families.

Our coaches

Our coaches are all experienced professional people who have lived through some of the issues that you are facing and have extensive training and experience in the field of personal development.

We will work with you to find just the right combination of coach and approach to meet your needs.

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