Accelerated Learning

Bringing the most advanced techniques to you and your organisation

Designed for trainers who need to be at the cutting edge of training, working with groups for whom learning quickly but effectively is the only way to keep pace with busy work schedules. The techniques introduced draw upon current knowledge of how the human brain absorbs learning and the course itself is trained according to Accelerated Learning principles, so that course members can incorporate models of excellence into their training sessions. No trainer can afford to ignore the potentially powerful effect of these methods in the dynamics of learning.


During this workshop you will learn knowledge and skills to:



Throughout this workshop use will be made of the Accelerated Learning strategies that are being discussed so that participants get to experience them from the learners' perspective as well as from the trainer's.

Our trainers are members of the Society for Effective Affective Learning (SEAL) the foremost professional body in this field.

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